Amfie is the romantic and friendship pairing of Amber Millington
and Alfie Lewis. They have always been best friends, but Amber never seemed to notice that Alfie had a crush on her. They shared their first kiss when Amber tried to make Mick jealous during the play, leading Alfie thinking that Amber actually liked him. Eventually, Alfie took Amber to the prom by asking her in a typed anonnymous letter on a social site. In Season Two, Amber gives Alfie the "Amber Millington's Guild to Dating" book and Alfie had to prove that he was suitable to be Amber's boyfriend. To do this, he first has to shower her with gifts. He gives Amber the dollhouse and rasberry cupcakes, which she was allergic to. For his second attempt to please her, he gives her what he thought was flowers, but really cactuses. Together, he and Jerome find loopholes in Amber's dating guild and eventually wins her over. Later, Alfie realizes that Amber thinks that he is a joke and wants to break up with her, but Amber disagrees. She later breaks up with him even though he already "broken up" with her. In the Season Two finale, Amber asks Alfie if they want to "give it another go", but Alfie ignores the question and Amber gives him some time to think about it. In the end of the finale, Alfie agrees to give it another go, but only on some conditions.