Anubis House is a house built by Robert Forbisher-Smythe. Sibuna knows that the house was built to hold many other things, such as the Cup of Ankh and The Mask of Anubis. Anubis House is a very mysterious place...

Residents of Anubis HouseEdit

Victor Rodenmaar Jr.


Nina Martin

Fabian Rutter

Amber Millington

Mara Jaffray

Patricia Williamson

Piper Williamson *for a little while*

Jerome Clarke

Eddie Miller/Sweet

Vera Devenish *for a little while*

Mick Campbell *not during most of Season 2*

Sarah Frobisher Smythes *when she was young*

Robert Frobisher Smythes *for a little while*

Louise Frobisher Smythes *for a little while*

The Cup of Ankh

 Mask of Anubis

Nina's roomEdit

Nina's room was the former room of Sarah Frobisher-Smythe. Sarah contacts Nina through her dollhouse.

The AtticEdit

The Attic is a mysterious place. Sibuna found a secret room in the Attic.

The CellarEdit

The Cellar has a secret room, also. It is found near the shelves. There is a code, 1894, and then you get in. The Mask of Anubis was found in the secret tunnels. See the Anubis House Gallery  here.