Chat is a new feature from Wikia that is currently available for all wikis to activate via Wikia Labs. Anybody with a Wikia account can join chat by clicking the "Enter the House of Anubis" or "Talk with fellow Sibuna members!" button in the right navigation rail or visiting Special:Chat on the wiki.

Once connected, type text and hit your keyboard's return key to send the message to the room.

User optionsEdit

Clicking on a name in the user list will open a menu. Administrators and chat moderators have additional options.

  • Tell them about Sibuna and the Mask opens a new private message room.
  • Give Chat Mod status (admins only) gives that user the ability to kickban people from the chat.
  • Kick/ban (admins and moderators only) will kick that user out of the chat and ban them from returning until an admin or moderator removes "Banned from chat" at Special:UserRights.

Private messagingEdit

Private messages are conversations between you and one other user. If you are in a private message room with someone, you have the ability to stop receiving their private messages by selecting "block private messages" in their username menu. This setting is permanent and Wikia-wide until you select "Allow private messages" from their menu in the general chat room.

Chat Moderators Edit

An example of a chat moderator in chat.Chat moderators have the ability to kick other users from the chat. This can be done either from Special:UserRights or through the main chat. To identify a chat moderator, a star will be next to the name in the rail. The chat moderator right can only be given by admins, bureaucrats, or the wikia staff.


If a user is banned from chat, an administrator or chatmod needs to go to Specail:UserRights on the admin dash , enter in their username, remove the "Banned from chat" checkbox, then click "Save user groups". They will be instantly unbanned and allowed to participate in the chat.


You can use emoticons for chat by entering keyboard shortcuts like :) or (heart) in the chat window. For a complete list of shortcuts available, visit the MediaWiki:Emoticons page on your wiki.

Admins can customize the chat emoticons on their wikis by editing that page. Emoticons can be any standard image file type, and must be 19 x 19px in size. If they aren't that size, they will be scaled to it.