Hi my name is Fabian Rutter! Well, I go to a boarding school in England! I live in Anubis House with Eddie Miller (roomate), Jerome Clarke, Alfie Lewis, Patricia Williamson, Amber Millington, Mara Jaffery, Nina Martin, and Joy Mercer. My girlfriend is Nina Martin she is so beatiful! Last year Me, Nina, Amber, Patricia, and Alfie found 7 puzzle peices and put them together to make the Cup of Ankh! Nina is the Chosen One! This year we had to go through 9 tasks to find the Mask of Anubis for Senkhara. Senkhara gave me, Nina, Amber, Patricia, and Alfie the Mark of Anubis:( Next year I hope to do a lot more fun things! I love to read, do homework, and learn bout Egypt! Joy is trying to steal me from Nina! Joy really likes me but I only like her as a friend but she wants to be more then friends! I love my godfather Jasper Choudhury and my Uncle Ade Rutter!Ade works at an accient Egypt antique shop and Jasper works at the Treatures of Egypt! My mum and dad live in London England with my sister Jasmine and my brother Bryce! Bryce is like a little me he has brown hair and has blue eyes! He loves School, homework and Egypt! On the other hand my sister Jasmine is a little pest! She does not get her homework done on time or she is dating the baddest guy in school! Her grades are going down to an F in every subject! My mum's name is Ragina she is so nice and caring I don't know what I would do with out her! My dad David is always trying to make me better at everything School, Sports, and well everything! So I hope you learned a lot about me Bye!