• Fabina in the attic on date
  • Fabuian rubbing Nina's neck but not knowing it's Senkhara
  • Fabina hugging after Nina comes back from getting trapped after finishing the spider task in Season 2
  • Fabina's kiss at prom in Season 1
  • Fabina dreaming about each other
  • Fabina's kiss in the Season 2 episode of House of Dolls: House of Hello's
  • Fabina's kiss in Season 2 Finale
  • Nina speechless in Season 1 Finale, and Fabian is speechless to
  • Fabian telling Sibuna they have to solve the tasks or else they'll ruin Nina's life
  • Fabina having a moment in House of Dolls: House of Hello's
  • Fabina smiling at each other in House of Dolls: House of Hello
  • Fabina not knowing what to say
  • Fabian's reaction to when Nina fell down the hole while playing Senet to get to the Mask of Anubis
Fabina is the romantic pairing of Fabian Rutter and Nina Martin. When Nina first arrived at the Anubis House, it was said it was "Love at First Sight". They soon get closer while trying to solve the mystery and eventually kiss after prom. Fabian and Nina were always shy and always doubted their love for each other, but everyone else knew that Fabian liked Nina and vise-versa. During season two, they broke up because Nina was talking about how BF can only stand for one thing; boyfriend or bestfriend. Fabina was constantly having complications because of Joy's feelings for Fabian. At the end of the Season Two finale, Fabian tells Nina that "We've got it all wrong. You know, breaking up and stuff..." and they kiss. After, Amber and the rest of the house barge into the room and congradulate them, even Joy. This is one of the major pairings. Amber is one of the known Fabina shippers. This is one of the major pairings.