(Robbie rushes in, Stage left. Set: Hallway.)

Robbie: Did you guys hear that Hollywood Arts is getting new kids through this Foreign Exchange place?

Jade: Yeah….. I don’t care.

(Cat rushes in, Stage left.)

Cat: Did you guys know that...

Robbie: Yeah, I told them about the Foreign Exchange, but they won’t listen.

Cat: I wasn’t talking about that! Did you guys hear that with the Foreign Exchange, Helen, our principal, is getting fired, cuz they want another principal? The names Mr. Sweet, I think.

Robbie: I’m so glad Helen’s getting fired!

(Helen appears.)

Helen: What were you talking ‘bout?

Robbie: Nothing.

Jade: They want you to get fired.

Helen: Thank you, Jade. Now all of you get to class.

(They don’t move.)

Helen: I mean now!

End of Scene 1. Written by Sibunasenkhara.

(Beck walks in to Tori’s house at night. Doorbell rings without Beck ringing it.)

Beck: Whoa. I think I’ll just knock, then.

(Beck knocks. Tori runs to the door.)

Tori: I got it!

Trina: Yup, you got it. (Runs upstairs.)

(Tori makes a face, and then answers the door.)

Beck: Did you know your doorbell is acting wonky?

Trina: I don’t care.

Tori: Then go upstairs and be Trina and stop eavesdropping.

Trina: All right. I need a tan anyway.

(Tori makes a confused face.)

Tori: No, I didn’t even hear the doorbell. I don’t know why it’s not working… Let me check it.

(Tori goes to the doorbell and checks it. She walks to it and it works fine.)

Tori: It is working fine!

Beck: It was acting wonky when I walked in…

Tori: I’ll ask my dad about it when he comes in.

Beck: Kk.

Tori: You’re starting to sound like Cat. I wonder if you got Cats’ Disease.

Beck: Ha ha. I better go home.

Tori: Wait, you came here just to check my doorbell?

Beck: Sure.

(Trina walks down the staircase.)

Trina: Maybe you came here to see me?

Beck: Nope! Bye!

(Beck leaves the house.)

Trina: Aww, he likes me!

Tori: No, he doesn’t. *murmurs* He wants to get away from you.

Trina: What was that?

Tori: Nothing.

End of Scene 2.