Jerome Clarke is the top prankster of the Anubis House. His best friend is Alfie Lewis. His girlfriend is Mara Jaffray
. he is played by Eugene Simon. He is a main character. His little sister is Poppy Clarke. In Season 2, he is kidnapped by Rufus Zeno close to the end and breaks free with his Dad's knowledge.
About Me (Jerome Clarke)

My Nicknames

Jerry(Eddie Miller) and Gerbil(My troublesome sister, Poppy)

My Family

My Sister, Poppy, my dad, John Clarke(In Prison), and Joan Clarke, my mum

My Relationships

Mara Jaffary

Played By:

Eugene Simon


June 11, 1992

Born in:

United Kingdom


Actor and Prankster

Years Active:


Full Name:

Eugene Michael Simon

Season OneEdit

In Season One, he goes to Rufus' side, trying to get the Elxier of Life.