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Mickra is the romantic pairing of Mick Campbell and Mara Jaffray. Mara never told Mick her feelings because her roomate and bestfriend, Amber Millington was dating him. When Amber forgets her dates with Mick , she and Mick's relationship soon start to fall apart. Eventually, Mara and Mick bond together during their training practice, since Mara's parents are professional athletes. Later, Mick gets a scholarship and he leaves her and they break up. When he returns, he cheats for Mara in the election and she breaks up with him. When Mick was offered a chance to go to the greatest sports academy, he turned it down becuase he wanted to stay with Mara, causing Mara to break up with him so he can go. They tried a long distance relationship, but failed, because Mara developed feelings for Jerome.