Rufus Zeno


December 21, 1915


95 (appears young because he drank the elixiar of lif)



Fake Job:

Privet Investigator

Rufus Zeno is a mysterious figure during the seasons of House of Anubis. Not much is stated about him, but we know that he goes by the pseudonym "Rene Zeldmen". After Robert and Louisa's death, his parents adopted Sarah. Even though he doesn't look the part, he drinks the Elixir of Life and is actually ninety-six years old, like Sarah! In order to gain information about the Elixir of Life, Rufus lies to Patricia and says that he is an undercover C.I.A agent and can help her find Joy. As the students dive deeper into the House's mysteries, they learn that Rufus is one of their greatest enemies and that he will do anything to get the Elixir of Life and the Mask of Anubis, even if it means kidnapping. He was Sarah's original Osirian, but things went the wrong way and he was dubbed "The Betrayer" by Victor and his Secret Society members. He is portrayed by the actor Rogar Barclay.