House of Anubis Wikia has several policies , which are outlined here.

Use Common Sense

Following this is simple; use common sense. If doing something might harm the wiki, don't do it. If you think that saying something might hurt another user, don't say it. Also, if a rule prevents you from improving Brickipedia, ignore it.

Blocking, Deletion, and Protection Policies

These policies say when a user or IP should be blocked, article types that should be deleted, and types of pages that should be protected. There are various offences that could cause a user or IP to be blocked. Any pages comprising solely of these things will be deleted, as-well. The offences are; Spamming, swearing, removal of content, moving pages to a bad name, impersonating another user, personal attacks, inappropriate username, explicit bad language, racism, uploading inappropriate images.

Signature Policy

These are the guidlines for a House of Anubis Wikia user's signature.

  • Signatures must not be more than 100 characters of code, or 50 other characters of text displayed
  • Signatures should not contain anything that breaks a page's formatting, includeing line breaks. They should not cover up any of the page, and should not have fixed positions.
  • There must be no unclosed tags or markup, and no categories
  • All images must be less than 30 pixels high.

Blog policy

When used well, blogs can be a valuable addition to the wiki.:

Users on House of Anubis Wikia can create user blogs, and blog comments, however there is one major rule. Blogs and blog comments must have a point. Anthing

Remember the rules when blogging

that could be interpreted as spam, nonsense, or that is pointless may be deleted.

Chat & Message Wall Policy

House of Anubis Wikia has two main social interaction places, the Chat and Message Walls. On these places these rules must be followed. •Don't attack other users, however you feel about them. •Don't swear of use offensive or rude language. •Don't type IN ALL CAPS. Emphasizing ONE word is ok, though. •Keep on topic, and don't be disruptive. Don't say random things that have no relevance. •No sexual or religious points. These can flame up very easily, especially religious ones. •Do not spam. •If there is an issue, don't become part of the problem, contact a ChatMod or Admin.

Chat Moderator Guidelines

Chat Moderators Should Not:

  • Be testing what happens when one is kickbanned
  • Kickbanning For fun
  • Be banning because a user asked to be banned (both seriously and in a joking manner)
  • Not brag excessively about being a Mod
  • Mods should threaten to ban users in order to make them do something

ChatMods Should:

  • Kickban sparingly
  • Give users 3 Warnings before KB
  • Be Respectful
  • Be assertive
  • Ban users right away if they are doing highly unsuitable things. (Linking to Porn, Swearing, Sexual Topics)

Chat Moderators need to pass This template {{Chatban}} on the user that was banned's Message Wall. In doing so, this will appear:

Gq Hello from House of Anubis By Bryce Wiki. Your recent messages on chat were considered inappropriate and against the chat policy. If you believe this is not the case, and that this warning was undeserved, then please contact us as soon as possible. Thanks.

Templates courtesy of WCDDoherty

CheckUser Policy

CheckUser is a tool which can be used to find out the IPs of users, for instance to find out if a user is a sockupppet (see below). A list of users with the checkuser right can be seen here. Because IPs contain data about the User, checkuser has to be handled very carefully. If you think that a checkuser may be abusing their privilage, leave a message on the Administrator's Noticeboard

Sockpuppet Policy

Sockpuppets are rarely allowed.&nbsp

Sockpuppetry is when a user creates more than one account in order to be able to vote more than one time in places such as the forums. If a user is abusing multiple accounts, all of their accounts will be blocked. If you have very good reason to think that a user is a sockpuppet, contact An Admin,

Sockpuppets are rarely allowed

such as : User:Fabian2 or User:WCDDoherty , who can find out if they are. There are few exceptions to the sockpuppet policy. The main one is Bots. Bots are semi-automated users who can perform repetative tasks very quickly.

What House of Anubis Wikia is not

House of Anubis Wikia is a House of Anubis encyclopedia, but there are certain things that House of Anubis Wikia is not:

  • House of Anubis Wikia is not another set database
  • House of Anubis Wikia is not a shopping website
  • House of Anubis Wikia is not a collection of ads
  • House of Anubis Wikia is not Wookieepedia, Harry Potter Wiki, Brickapedia, etc
  • House of Anubis Wikia is not a review website

And what your user page is not:

  • Your user page is not your primary contribution to this wiki

Manual of Style and Category Guidlines

These say how HOA articles should be styled, and what they should contain. The Manual of Style shows the standards that articles should confirm to, and which headings and sections an article should have. The Category Guidelines say which categories an article should have.

Creeping Out

This is a new one. If a lot of people feel uncomfortable around you or you are "creeping out" the users, you can get warning. Examples could be flirting constantly with a user or asking for personal info when the person does not want to answer them.