Season 2 is the second season of House of Anubis. In Season 2, many new Characters and many new Pairings and Villians appear. Some new people are:

  • Eddie Sweet
  • Senkhara
  • Vera Denvinish
  • Piper Williamson
  • Jasper Choudhury
  • John Clarke
  • Poppy Clarke
  • Gran Martin.


At the start of Season 2, Nina goes to check on The Cup of Ankh, when Mr.Sweet appears. Nina runs. Later, she hides the Cup, puts it in, and runs. Victor runs in, and Nina runs too. Victor pulls a string on a doll, causing Sarah to tell a clue. Later, Senkhara appears, telling Nina,"Finally, you have freed me! Find it. Bring it. And you shall weep Tears of Gold." Senkhara stamps Nina with the Mark of Anubis. Later, the rest of Sibuna gets the!