When I awoke, I saw Senkhara.

“You have failed me, Geb.” She said strangely.

“What’s a Geb?” I asked.

“You do not know? I’m sure he’ll explain. Tefnut? Tefnut?” Senkhara yelled.

“Tefnut? Who’s Tefnut?” I asked.

“You’ll find out soon enough, Geb.” Senkhara said.

A ghost-like figure appeared who I assumed was Tefnut.

“Bow down to me, the mighty Tefnut.” Tefnut said.

I did.

“You are Geb. Geb is an Egyptian god who helps the Osirion. The Osirion helps the Chosen One.” Tefnut said.

“Okay…”I replied, confused.

“You’ll understand later. But you must always watch The Chosen One,” Tefnut said.” Yes! Always! Now, I’m sure your friends will help you. Maybe. If they think they can pass it. Oh, Robert Frobisher-Smythe, your tricks amuse me!” Tefnut said, while doing some hand motion. The chamber ceiling flew open, and I was somehow flying through the air, going towards Sibuna while it looked like the world had frozen. Sibuna looked amazed as I finally was out of that chamber. Tefnut disappeared, and I went back into the chamber.

End of Chapter 6

Note from Sibunasenkhara:

Hi! I know that this has been long overdue, I’ve been too busy. But, I hope that I will be able to write more often, if I’m not too busy.